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This page is a place where classmates may share their Reflections (thoughts) about the 50th Reunioin.  Please try to keep you reflections to about 400 words or less.  (Ladies, don't forget to also add your maiden name to your submissions.)  Send your Reflection to

Billy Dore


The thoughts were as if from yesterday
What lay ahead in the night
Nothing Could have imagined
The days that were “once again”

 We were born  to hold each other once more
The gift of spirit was in the air
How Could we have known
What time had given us

 We knew with a look who we were
What we meant to the other
How our lives had been so together
Yet more than we knew had passed

 Timeless were we all
We danced within our hearts
To feel the other as yesterday
For we were “
once again”

John Teer

  The 50th Reunion was only the second reunion I've been able to attend over the years.  It was great seeing so many old (no pun intended) friends.  Our lives have taken us all on journeys we could never have suspected when we graduated.  I was so impressed by all of the tremendous amount of work that the Reunion Committee as a group and as individuals did to make sure this was such a success.  The music brought back so many memories as did being able to renew friendships.  If there was a regret, it was that there were so many classmates that I wanted to sit down and just visit with and not enough time.  I don't know when the next Reunion will be, but I surely don't want to miss it.



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