Before every Homecoming, the"Spirit of Sunset" would speak to a school student assembly.  The "Spirit" voice was Dr. H.H. (Johnny) Johns.

"I am the Spirit of Sunset. I am the symbol of a heritage of splendid achievements and fine people who have made Sunset what it is today.  Remembering our motto, 'Spirit, Knowledge, Friendship', you who are students here will strive to develop yourselves into individuals of whom I, the Spirit of Sunset can be proud.  Since Sunset stands for the highest scholastic attainments, you will increase your knowledge and your power to reason. You will develop and keep throughout your life worthy and true friendships with other Bison. You will uphold our tradition of clean sportsmanship, fighting hard but fairly, seeking not self-glory, but glory for our school. And tonight, on the playing field and in the stands, I, the spirit of Sunset, will be with you. Sunset shall emerge triumphant now and forever".
(Dr. H.H. Johns)