We had a GREAT 50th Class Reunion.  Those who couldn't attend were really missed.  Highlights and pictures from the Reunion will be posted on this Class Website as they become available.  If you took pictures that might be used on the website, please send tham to  They need to be good quality pictures.  John will take care of any cropping needed.  (Please don't reduce the size as that reduces quality (pixels).  Please use .JPG format (no .PDF formats).  Not all pictures sent may be used.  Much depends on the quality of the picture for Internet use and if the people in picture(s) are identified (Left to Right) in the body of the message to which the pictures are attached.  Those pictures that have the best quality will be used.
   A new website page will also be added for us to share our thoughts about the Reunioin.  Please try to keep you reflections to about 400 words or less.  (Ladies, don't forget to also add your maiden name to your submissions.)
   If you haven't sent a current picture to John Teer to include on the "Individual Class Photos" page, please do so.  A lot of our classmates have really like the "After Graduation" page because it includes the 1960 and the current picture with a narrative about what happened in your life since graduation.  Send your narrative (written in "First-Person") with your picture so they can be put on the "After Graduation" page.  If your picture is already on the website on the "Individual Class Photos" page, just send John a narrative for the "After Graduation" page.
   John is going to try an experientment of placing a Revision Date for each item on the Navation Bar on the left side of the screen.  That date will be changed each time any kind of change has been made to that page.  No date will be posted for those items that always remain static.  This will help you in locating new material on the website since you last checked a you don't have to search the whole website for changes since you last viewed it.
    The Class website is an on-going endeavor and isn't confined just to Reunions.  A lot of neat ideas for the website are floating around in John's head so be sure and check the website at least once a week for new information and additions.